The very first thing I noticed about Middler Camp, other than the massive milk jug race track, the hay bales around camp, and all the other fun decorations, is the campers are never quiet. They may be yelling, “Got Milk,” which is the theme of week, laughing with friends, or scurrying to get settled in before camp, these kids are a bundle of energy. No matter what the activity, worship song, or conversation they are having, the kids give everything they have to that specific moment. I observed this first in evening service last night, as soon as worship began the tabernacle erupted with praise. At one point, the sound system malfunctioned, but it didn’t really matter because the campers carried the song as though nothing was going on.

Not only were they voluminous in worship, but also during the sermon. “Miss Kristen,” one of the deans and also the evangelist for the week, loves participation in service. She often times will ask the campers questions and let them answer and give feed back. At first, I wasn’t sure if the campers would respond because they are young and there are *so * many of them, but they jumped on the opportunity and made service quite interactive.

I am excited for what this week entails; from goofy night games and fun competitions, to service, classes, and prayer groups, there is no doubt that this will be an amazing week of camp!

So, grab your milk and cookies and stay tuned for more updates!