This past week at Junior High 1 was “ex-cell-ent!” From the games, rain, tornado warnings, thunderstorms, to the amazing times of worship in service, prayer groups, and classes, this week has been great!

The Wild Stallions led us so effectively in worship, Sean brought an incredible sermon each night, and Steph, the missionary, challenged us to be world changers. Sean stated that when Salvation comes, it begins with a central desire, requires a crucial decision, is costly, and is sustained by remaining in His love. We spent the week evaluating having excellent posture, putting yourself into position to see Jesus, just like Zaccheus. We learned about God’s excellence, an excellent encounter, being excellently cleaned, and being excellent to each other.

Many lives were changed and hearts were molded more into the image of Christ. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the campers and cannot wait to see where God leads them in the future!

Here is a slideshow of our week at Junior High 1, 2014!