Since we have been time traveling this past week at camp, we have had some interesting visitors. Abe Lincoln has been here all week, and rumor has it, he may appear in the night game tonight, King Henry the VIII has been grooving up on stage with our praise team and speaker, and then there is Napoleon. Napoleon has traveled the most, even though he may only be 5’6″, he has made his way around camp popping up in the most obscure places.


He showed up for lunch this afternoon for pretzel roll sandwiches…and who can blame them, they are amazing!


Just moments after lunch, he was spotted taking a nap in one of the summer staffers hammock.




Who can find Napoleon?! Rumor has it Gaga Ball was his favorite sport growing up…


There is no doubt that these campers love playing with the Napoleon cut out and I think it’s safe to say, Napoleon has found a home at camp.


Campers love to visit Emma at the Ye Olde Swet Shop during free time…so Napoleon decided to check it out. I think he likes the new zip up hoodies also!

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