Kelly’s dorm photo almost called it a comeback against Mel’s dorm photo but it held off the late surge by gaining eight votes to six. Today, we start with our largest round yet. Apparently, the staff like to do ridiculous things when they’re on camera.

Crazy Staff 1Picture One: A staff member from Middler Camp, whose theme was Out Of The Box, puts his head in a box painted like an angry dinosaur.

Crazy Staff 2Picture Two: Linda and Karen let off some steam in the Yelling Game.

Crazy Staff 3Picture Three: “Tony”, the world’s first waiter to serve in camo, waits to serve the junior campers an Italian feast.

Crazy Staff 4Picture Four: Rich smells the baby’s diaper, or is reenacting the scene from The Lion King. I’m not sure which.

Crazy Staff 5 Picture Five: Julio lifts Hark on his shoulders to explain the rules to a game at teen camp.

Crazy Staff 6Picture Six: Papa Tuck gets up-close and personal while giving his best KISS impression.

Crazy Staff 7 Picture Seven: While waiting for a game to start, Ben stands in a trash can.

Crazy Staff 8Picture Eight: Though they appear to be doing different motions, teen camp alumni do the motions to a song.

Crazy Staff 9jpgPicture Nine: Alyssa rocks out as she fits a cup into her mouth.

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