After the dust has settled from the last round, it appears that picture number four has romped and stomped its way through the competition. That goes to show that despite how old Wompus gets, he still remains popular among the people.

And we’re back with category four of our photo contest from the 2013 year: best dorm. Vote for your favorite (or the one with all your friends in it)! Ready? Go!

Dorm 1Picture One: Mason from KWolf’s dorm during teen camp prepares to be thrown in the drink.

Dorm 4Picture Two: Mel’s dorm shows off its dramatic flair as it prepares for its  glamour shot.

Dorm 3Picture Three: Lance Bird’s dorm from junior camp jockey for position in front of the camera.

Dorm 5Picture Four: Campers from Middler Camp send the peace as the Angry Bird stares into our souls.

Dorm 2Picture Five: Kelly’s teen camp dorm shares the love, with the exception of Lida who is telling us we’re losers.

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