One of the coolest things about all of the camps we run in the summer at Delanco is that we have a different evangelist or speaker for the week who preaches sermons at the nightly worship service and in general oversees the spiritual and theological direction of the camp. 

To get to know the folks that will be filling the pulpit or podium this summer, we’re starting a new blog feature called Ask the Evangelist where we pose questions to Ricky Court, John DiGiamberardino, CJ Caufield, Jamie Damm, Mikey Stephens, Kelly Hallahan, Shane Smith and Jeff Wolheter

Our first question:

What is an evangelist?

kellyhKelly Hallahan, Middler Camp
“An evangelist is someone who brings Good News. I am excited to share the messages God lays on my heart with the campers and staff of the Middler camp!”

jeffwJeff Wolheter, Junior High 2
“An evangelist is someone who evangelizes, in other words someone who tells others about the Good News of Jesus Christ. However, most people when they think about an evangelist think of a guy (or gal) who travel around preaching to people. While that is one type of evangelist, it is by no means the only way to be an evangelist. In fact God calls us all to be evangelist, we all should be sharing the the Good News of Jesus with others.”

rickycourtRicky Court, Teen 2
“At Delanco, the evangelist is the camp pastor. The evangelist, using exceptional and creative communication skills, is the person commissioned with communicating God’s love and grace to the campers and staff. The evangelist is also the only person who sweats profusely during every evening service, sleeps through breakfast almost every morning, and here’s comments like ‘good message thing tonight dude, thanks.'”

cj1CJ Caufield, Junior Camp
“An evangelist, strictly understood, is someone who is excited about a particular issue. In our context, it is anyone who, out of personal experience and passion, shares the Gospel message. The size of the audience does not seem to matter, but the intent is to adquately communicate the Gospel message in hopes that the hearer(s) might respond to the call of Christ on their life.”

jdJohn DiGiamberardino, Camp Meeting
“In Christianity it is anyone who shares the good news of Jesus Christ with others.”


mikeys1Mikey Stephens, Jr. High 1
“For me an evangelist is a person who does their best to be the hands and feet of Christ. At times, your actions speak louder than your words and you never know who is watching you.”

shanesmithShane Smith, Junior High 3
“An evangelist is one who shares the good news of Jesus Christ with others.”

Have a question you’d like our evangelists to answer? E-mail it to matt.ralph(at)delanco.org.

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  1. Great stuff! This was an awesome idea. I look forward to more of these ask the evangelist.

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