With the last round closed, picture number 9 has been voted as the craziest staff photo. Thanks for voting. We’re nearly finished with our 2013 Photo Contest but with two rounds left, we still have plenty of scores to settle!

Today, we determine which picture captures the glory of the pretzel roll or the foil that wraps it. Somewhat surprisingly, pictures for this round were hard to come by. Nonetheless, the show goes on. Vote it up!

Pretzel Roll 1 Picture One: The always classic foil ball makes it into the fray. So long as it wasn’t used in an actual fray. Otherwise, he’s sweeping the dining hall.

Pretzel Roll 2 - Kathren JonesPicture Two: Teen campers use a giant ball of pretzel roll foil to mimic their favorite characters from a favorite video game series.

Pretzel Roll 3Picture Three: The money shot of the pretzel roll. Who is salivating after seeing this photo?

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One thought on “Photo Contest 2013: Pretzel Roll

  1. Pictures of this are always hard to come back because the picture taker/takers are always busy enjoying their pretzel rolls.

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