This week at camp was pretty awesome with watching the kids worship and learn about God, but last night I saw one of the best things. After service I was sitting in one of the pews with a few counselors and a male camper came up to us. With bloodshot eyes and tears running down his face, he looked up at his counselor and said “I found God.” The joy we have for this boy is so unmeasurable, incomparable, and overwhelming. His counselors surrounded him and talked about what an awesome feeling it is to have found God and once again shared more loving wrapping him in hugs.

No matter how tired we are by the end of a week or how grumpy we might get, hearing just one kid say that makes everything worth it. Every time a kid tells a counselor this everyone shares in his joy and peace. It really is a victory for us all to welcome another person.
It was like a scene from a movie how it played out last night. The way he walked over and looked up, the look on his face, and the pride in his voice. He was so happy he couldn’t stop crying and I was so happy for him I wanted to cry. I will never forget the look on his face and I’ll forever pray that he remembers that day and that feeling.

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