If you have never heard of For Today before, I would not be surprised. I am usually not a fan of scream-o music, but I actually would consider For Today a step below scream-o and a step above TFK/Disciple/Red/Skillet type of bands. Most of you will say they are scream-o, and that’s okay, but I say they are a step below scream-o because you can actually understand their lyrics and with most scream-o bands I know – I can’t understand one word they say hahaha.

Anyway, For Today released a new EP a couple weeks ago called Prevailer and the song “Crown of Thorns” is the choice today. If you think their music is hardcore, then you have to listen (or read if you can’t understand them) to their lyrics because they are just as hardcore (lingo for “pretty good”). Just a sample from the song I love a lot is the passion when they say, “It should have been me, with the nails through my hands and feet, facing the wrath of God, it should have been me, left to pay for my sin forsaken, but in the blood I stand, it should be have been me…”

CD44556: Prevailer EP CD/DVDPrevailer EP
By For Today

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