If you don’t know me well, I love the I Am Second organization ( or check them out on Facebook), which reminds us to make Jesus first in our lives and us second. I have I Am Second merch along with a really cool devotional called Live Second: 365 Ways To Make Jesus First, and I always thought when I first heard the song “I Am Second” by Newsboys (off their 2012 album God’s Not Dead) that it should be the official theme song of the I Am Second organization because they go so well together.

It’s a simple song and the chorus goes, “I’m second to One. Redeemer, the way, the light. I’m second to One. The Savior, no compromise, I’m laying everything at the foot of the cross. My pride, my life, my all, I am second to One, He’s second to none.” The last line is all you need to know, you are second to Jesus, and He is second to nobody! Live for Him first!

CD59191: God"s Not Dead CDNewsboys – God’s Not Dead

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