As we continue on with Advent and draw closer to the celebration of the Christ Child, let us focus on two other aspects of Advent. We are just about ready to celebrate His first Advent.

We all know the story, how God visited us in a manger, and lived with us. This is what we concentrate on this time of year. However, another aspect of Advent that does not get a lot of discussion is His second Advent, or as we call it, the Second Coming.

Jesus promised us He would return, and that is one of the blessed hopes we as Christians have. Jesus will come again to take us home, to make all things right and we will see the defeat of sin and death. What a great anticipation!

But like the first believers, who thought Christ was coming in their time, they waited, and so are we, waiting. But let us not be sad that He has not come yet, for in a very real sense He has, and this is an aspect of Advent that is here, now!

He came as a baby, He will come in glory but right now, we have His blessed presence within us! This is also an Advent, when we look forward to His coming in our daily lives. This is something that we can rejoice in every day. We do not need to wait for Christmas to enjoy Advent, for we can enjoy it daily as we enjoy His presence, now!

Tom McCormick attended camp in his youth and is now a camper parent and volunteer at camp.

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