Advent Devotion: A Child Born For Us

Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, God spoke through the prophet Isaiah a word of hope. God’s chosen people are being threatened from within and without. Enemies surround them and the threat of invasion and defeat are ever before them. Inside their borders, corrupt leaders and spiritual apathy create an expectation that all is not well. In the darkest of hours, hope and promise appear—God will continue to walk with and deliver His people.

Advent Devotion: More than a countdown

The season of Advent is more than counting down the days until Christmas- it is our anticipation when Jesus will return. When he will rescue us from sin and death. Advent is a time anticipating that Jesus will renew and redeem creation and wipe every tear from our eyes. That redemptive work begins now when we surrender our lives to Jesus and will be fully realized when Jesus comes back as he promised.