“You inhabit the praises of your people.” -Psalm 22:3

I had the chance to be part of the worship team at Teen Camp this year. By far one of my favorite parts was opening my eyes onstage and seeing 100 teenagers with their hands raised in the air, soaking up God’s presence.

It made me think about how God must feel – His view is even better than mine, because He can see us from all angles, so I think He must have been blessed a thousand times over.

I kept telling the girls in my cabin – “God’s presence is so strong this week! It’s like a hot tub and we’re all just soaking in it.”

Afterward, I did some study on the verse above in Psalm 22:3. In Hebrew, the word “inhabit” means that to “sit down, dwell, sit, stay.” The verse says that when we praise God, He comes and sits down among us. I love that. I loved being in a place where so many people were going crazy hard after God, singing His praises and bringing His presence – in other words, giving Him a place to sit down among us.

I am thankful for every camper and leader who invited God’s presence by praying in advance for camp (a core team of campers started praying and planning almost a year in advance!)

I am thankful to every camper who embraced God’s presence by running forward during an altar call and pouring their heart out in confession and surrender.

And I am thankful for every member of camp who celebrated God’s presence through lifting their hands in the rain, singing around the flagpole, praying in huddled groups late at night, and running under the stars during a night game.

And most of all, I am thankful to God who sends us His presence, which is better than any hot tub on any vacation I’ve ever had!

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