This morning class meets in the Chapel in the woods and is based around the biblical stories of Hosea and Joseph. Josh has the campers sit down and prepares them for what may be considered the most serious class that they experience here at camp. Josh says that there is a theme to his class this this theme is simply the word forgiveness. He tells several stories all based around this theme ranging from how beautiful forgiveness can look in someone’s life, to how ruined and wrecked a life can be without the power of forgiveness or forgiving. This class was an emotional class- at least to me, as our leader challenged us to think of people who we’ve haven’t fully forgiven, people whom we feel still owe us a debt or have done a hatred unto us. In this world it seems to be so hard for people to extend that olive branch of love and mercy but asked he us shouldn’t Christians be held to a higher standard when it comes to forgiveness? Shouldn’t we be the first to turn to admit the wrongs we have brought and in the same way shouldn’t we be first to forgive wrongs brought against us? This class managed to speak to the heart of a matter that everyone needs forgiveness, godly forgiveness and human forgiveness.

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