This particular camp week is well-known in Delanco Camp tradition by the nickname Ralph Camp. If I had to assign a motto to Ralph camp it would be what blog editor Matt Ralph once said to me in the bottom of an email, “Work hard, play hard, don’t be a jerk.” So today I bring you things I’ve learned at Space Camp:

1. There will be many many pop culture references. Yesterday, co-dean Mike Ralph dressed up as Kip Dynamite, mustache and all. Anyone remember him back from the Napoleon Dynamite days? (“Just tell them that their wildest dreams will come true if they vote for you.”) We also played Space Jam, a kid-friendly basketball game taken from the movie of the same title. I believe that some here are calling that movie Cinema gold; how often do you get Micheal Jordan and Bugs Bunny in the same screen?

2. Dirt is a natural part of your body now. Get used to it.

3. There must be some magic mystery youth-min centered website on which all these great ideas come from. For instance, today we played a giant interactive game of angry birds in which the kids threw squishy beach balls dressed up to look like birds at staffers with pig noses on. Is is really possible that people like co-dean Sarah Lee, Mike Ralph and a few others can come up with this much fun madness?

4. God is real and God is moving. Personally for myself, seeing these staffers give me so much love and respect is a testament to God’s love. Sometimes Christians act so much like people of this world that it’s hard to see that there is supposed to be a noticeable difference.

5. It takes a team to accomplish something. This week the campers are on six different teams all named after Space missions like Apollo, Gemini, and Atlantis. With so many different activities going on, there are kids who seem to have different strengths in everything. We have some artistic, some athletic, some quiet, some loud and it takes all of them to be a solid unit. I think the campers are starting to realize that with each other they can accomplish all…and maybe win best team this week.

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