Note: This event has been canceled

You may have noticed looking at our summer schedule this year that there is a week missing in the middle of the summer. That’s not a mistake or a typo. During that week, we are partnering with New Hope International, Splashlife and The Salvation Army of Camden for an exciting serving opportunity for young adults known as the Real Life Initiative.

The Real Life Iniative is a gathering of committed servant leaders who want to explore what the “abundant life” that Jesus talked about in John 10:10 is all about. It will be taking place July 15-22 for young adults ages 16-25 who to know God more deeply and serve as Real Life Messenjers (there’s a j instead of a g there on purpose).

Dear friends of the camp John Morley and Melissa and Wally Kappeler are leading the initiative so it’s sure to be a meaningful and enriching time.

For all of the details, check out this PDF.

One thought on “Real Life Initiative Young Adult Week Coming July 15-22 (canceled)

  1. Nope. I didn’t notice the gap at all but it sounds like an awesome experience and idea.

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