Our Camp Meeting running July 1-7 isn’t the only long-running camp meeting to look forward to this summer in the Delaware Valley (Speaking of which, you can print a handy bulletin insert to share with your church secretary HERE).

In fact, compared to our friends at Malaga Camp (143 years), South Seaville (149 years), Chester Heights (140 years) and Ocean Grove (143 years) we’re still the new kid on the block at only 114 years.

Below are the dates for other South Jersey, New Jersey and Philadelphia area camp meetings:

South Seaville Camp Meeting – July 15-29 

The speakers and Bible study leaders this year include Rev. Michael Smith, Rev. Bill Wilson, Rev. Steve Elliott and Rev. Michael Johnson.

Click HERE for a complete schedule.

Chester Heights Campmeeting in Chester Heights, PA – Revival Weekend July 21 & 22

Concerts and other events are held throughout the summer. Click HERE for more info.

Erma Camp Meeting in Cape May – July 20-29

Evening services at 7 p.m. and Sunday services at 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Visit www.ermacamp.org for more info.

Ocean Grove in Ocean Grove – Camp Meeting Week July 27-Aug. 5

Click HERE for more info.

Malaga Camp in Newfield – Aug. 4-19

Go to www.malagacamp.org for more info.

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