A director of a Christian summer camp in Texas was revealed as the top marksmen in the season three finale of History Channel reality show Top Shot last night, an honor that includes a $100,000 grand prize.

As cool as that is – and we congratulate Dustin Ellermann for the sharp shooting – it’s been an incredible blessing to see how this colleague in Christian camping and brother in Christ has handled the attention.

Ellermann isn’t planning on leaving his day job as director of Camp His Way any time soon or let the fame go to his head. In fact, the money he earned from the show is going to pay off the camp’s new chapel, expand the camp so it can reach more kids and help pay for a bigger place for he and his wife to live so they can take in more foster children.

He has this to say when asked about the accomplishment in an article on his local news station’s website:

“Some of the guys say this is the biggest accomplishment in their life, but I kind of have a bigger perspective on that and I try to look at how God sees stuff and this is just a manmade accomplishment thing and God helped me through it, but honestly it’s my kids and passing on good things to them and the kids that we minister to here at the camp, that’s what really matters in life because that’s what goes on after I’m dead and gone.”

Praise God!

3 thoughts on “Top Shot winner has ‘bigger perspective’

  1. This is awesome. I happened to download the first episode of that season from itunes cause it was free. I didnt give him much time on the show since he seemed to be the “token Christian.” So glad he won and is doing cool things.

    Ok CJ- your turn!

  2. Josh. I was thinking the same thing. That it’s CJ’s turn and also that he and CJ should be friends.

  3. I watched this season online and was happy that Dustin, who was an amateur and Christian won. I am always weary when they label someone on a reality show a Christian, because of they way they will act or the way the show will portray them. It was great to see a genuine Christian man act humbly and upright on a show that had some crazy people. It is also great to see the money getting used for God’s glory.

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