Today’s planned recreation was a Frisbee tournament. The campers split up into two teams. It was an intense game and the left side won.

During free time, a group of campers went with Julio Nieves, the worship leader, to the challenge course. One challenge involved communication skills. Each camper had a partner who was “blind.” The “sighted” camper had to vocally guide the “blind” camper around a roped-off area until he or she got to the end. The “blind” person could only hold onto a rope, so he had to listen closely for his partner’s voice. It was a little rocky starting out, but the campers improved with time. They learned that this challenge applied to their lives spiritually, since we all need to listen to God instead of wanting to do things our own way.

A basketball tournament, which was a lot of fun to watch, also took place. Kevin Strauch’s team won. I played cards for a bit with my friends. We played a game called Egyptian Rat Screw, and Scott Lederer, the dean of men, joined in and won the whole game. It was fun getting to hang out with the campers and laugh together.

Tonight, Shane Smith, our speaker for the week, is going to talk to the campers about the chance they have to leave behind a legacy that reflects Jesus. Last night, he touched on the fact that many teenagers want to grow up so fast that they don’t realize that right now they can do a lot to share God with others. Shane told the campers that they have many opportunities to share God as teens, whether at school, with their parents, or even just with a person on the bus. Teenagers are a lot more influential than they think, even just smiling and saying hello to a stranger passing by is sharing the love of God.

See more photos from the day at the Teen 2 Picasa page.

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