Last night’s game was based on the show, Iron Chef America. The campers had to split up into ten teams, each with a head chef. Each chef made the final decision on what kind of dish the team created with the ingredients they received. One team had a translator for their head chef, because the chef spoke only French. Another team’s head chef made up their dish’s name in a language that was supposedly Spanish. Really, they just added “el” in front of and “io” at the end of every word. For example “el sandio” meant “sand.” A couple teams won for taste and appearance, but a couple head chefs were told they should never be allowed in a kitchen again. It was all in good fun, so everyone enjoyed it.

Since the theme of this week is Legacy, this morning’s classes were about Jesus’ legacy. The campers learned that we need to live out his legacy so that others will want to know him. In Melanie Hartley’s class, the campers made a list of things Jesus did, whether they were miracles or teachings. Then they discussed what each one said about Jesus as a person and how those things apply to us in our Christian walk. In Emily Heckman’s class, we looked at Micah 6:8, which states that the Lord requires us to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God. Emily used that verse to show us how our attitude affects how people view us as Christians.

During today’s free time, we played a game called Ga-ga Ball, where a group of people had to stand in a ring and throw volleyballs at each other’s legs. The last person standing was the winner of each round. It looked cloudy out a little earlier, so hopefully the temperature will drop a bit if it rains. Although it’s supposed to be in the 90s all week, the campers will find ways to cool off, such as going in the lake. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next blog about our teen campers’ daily lives this week.

See more photos on the Teen 2 2011 Picasa page.

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