During Team time today, the campers participated in Winter Olympic-like events. There was a figure skating competition, which involved a tarp with soapy water. A lot of the girls were very creative with their routine, one girl in particular showed off some very fancy foot work. There was a hockey event where the campers had to see who could score the most goals against a goalie, (let’s just say that the goalie wasn’t very happy when it was over). The campers also played “curling” which really entailed a sneaker and a couple of brooms and competed in Biatholon and the Bible Verse Hunt For verses with the word snow in them. The winner of the Bible Verse Hunt found 13 verses!

The last event of the afternoon was short-track speed skating followed by a Polar Bear Plunge, which was really just a wide inflatable baby pool filled with icy water. The kids all had a ton of fun, although I’d have to say that they enjoyed the Polar Bear Plunge the most. I’ve never seen so many people squeezed into one baby pool before. It really was a sight to see. But what really amazed me and my fellow spectators was the amount of complaints coming from the grown men about being cold! Now answer me this, who sits in a pool of ice water and complains they’re cold but won’t get out? Those silly guys, but in all everyone had a fun time and the enthusiasm that floated in the air was great.

See lots of photos from the day (Dave Ralph Photo also took photos today) at our Picasa page.

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