This week’s theme is White as Snow so the camp is ornamented with winter decorations. This week, the campers will participate in fun activities and cool skits that have to do with our theme, which refers to how Jesus can make us white as snow. The games and classes will teach the kids about having Jesus in their lives and about the importance of leading a God-honoring life after they return home.

In place of planned recreation, they are going to have Team Time, which is when the campers split up into teams to complete challenges given out by Dan Ulrich and Mike Ralph, the deans for the week. The teams this week are the Eskimos, Wolverines, Whitecaps, Avalanche, Penguins and Grizzlies. For the first day of Team Time today, the teams set up their base camp and decorated it with colorful signs and slogans.

Hearing this week’s scheduled activities brought me back to when I was a camper at Junior High 2. Mike Ralph was the dean and our theme was Far Out. For one challenge, we had to split up into our teams and build a car to race in. We built it from cardboard and whatever else we could find; the cars didn’t look like much but they were efficient. One of our teammates drove our cardboard car from the top of the dining hall ramp all the way down to the little bridge. It was amazing to watch that thing go speeding past us. We didn’t win, but we learned the importance of teamwork and its spiritual worth.

We as Christians should view Jesus as a teammate in our challenge called life, because he helps us get back on track and he can keep us there if we fully depend on him.

See more photos from today at our Picasa page.

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