Today was a hot one, but that didn’t stop the deans from keeping the campers entertained. Once the classes were done and lunch was eaten, Linda Dugan happily informed the kids of a certain surprise waiting for them in the Tabernacle. CJ Caufield hired Bill and his trained exotic birds to put on a performance for the campers.

The kids were really excited to watch the birds performing tricks such as riding a miniature unicycle and swinging by their beaks from a device Bill created for them. The campers’ favorite bird was a pocket-sized bird named Ollie. Even though Bill didn’t teach him any tricks, it was still entertaining to see Ollie climb out of his shirt pocket. After the show was over, Bill let the campers line up near the door to pet Polly, a macaw, on their way out. Polly really loved the attention and the campers were buzzing with enthusiasm to pet her.

During the second half of free time, the campers split up into teams for the Newcomb tournament. Each member of the winning team, the Chillaxers, won a free item from the snack shop. After the tournament, half of the campers and staff involved stuck around to play a round of staff-vs.-camper volleyball. Everyone had a lot of fun today and we all stayed hydrated thanks to the kitchen staff’s water cooler stations conveniently placed around camp.

See more photos from the day on our Picasa page.

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