Today the campers had the opportunity to help assemble meal packages to send to Kenya through the Stop Hunger Now organization. The campers saw what goes into the packages and learned that one bag holds up to six meals for children in other countries. As I watched the young campers eagerly working together to help others, I realized how God can use anybody to carry out His will for others. The campers assembled 6,192 packages in less than two hours that Stop Hunger Now will ship to Kenya with the goal of helping to end hunger. After the children finished, they sampled the food that they assembled; the verdict was, “actually, it’s really good.”

At lunch, we sang happy birthday to a staff member, Caitlin Coffee; then, one of the teachers surprised her with a plate of whip cream to the face. During free time, the campers had a blast playing on a water slide and bounce house that were brought in for the day on the soccer field. A group of girls buried one of their friends in the mud–she didn’t seem to mind, since the mud was cool. She dreaded the thought of the long shower later with all the sand, though! Overall, the campers had a lot of fun and so did our co-dean, Linda Dugan, who went down the water slide multiple times with her friends.

See more photos from the day at our Picasa page.

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