The 1990s was a good decade for Christian music with a lot of artists gaining popularity that has sustained into this decade. It was also a time when the music being sung in church started to change and battles ensued in the pulpit over singing hymns from a hymnal vs singing contemporary praise and worship songs with the lyrics projected off of clear sheets or included in much smaller and flimsier supplemental hymn books.

Delanco Camp was not immune to these debates over music, but it was also a place of discovery for a lot of us who attended camp. I was introduced to Christian rock, punk and hip-hop through counselors and staff members I met at camp.

Bands like the O.C. Supertones, MxPx, Poor Old Lu, Caedmon’s Call, Jars of Clay and others were pretty popular among people I knew at camp and a lot of great worship music was coming out from groups like Delirou5? from England, Sonic Flood, Matt Redman and others that we sang during worship and chapel times at camp. There were also still traditional silly camp songs like “Boom Chicka Boom” and “There Ain’t No Flies on Us” that we would sing in less formal settings.

What are some of your favorites that you remember singing at camp, that remind you of camp or that you like now that were written or released in the ’90s? Fill out the form below.

’90s Delanco Camp Playlist Survey

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