Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl next Sunday? The Steelers? The Packers? Don’t care who wins? Only watching it for the commercials or the Christian fellowship? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Discussion Thread Sunday: Super Bowl

  1. The Steelers are going to win =] Without a doubt! Some people might not be happy campers, but I know I will!!! And Youth group superbowl partys are always fun no matter who wins!

  2. Rooting for the Packers. I have nothing against the Steelers except for the fact that they play in the same state as the Eagles. I just can’t root for them.

    I will be enjoying the big game at WGM headquarters with fellow missionaries. Very excited!

  3. I am not really a fan of American football, but I guess I would choose the Packers. I really would rather have new teams in it each year, because I really don’t like dynasties in any sport. Dynasties may be fun for that particular team’s fans and for the lazy sportswriters who don’t want to have to write new material, but for the rest of us, it is boring.

    1. I’m proud to say I haven’t watched a single down of pro or Division 1 college football this year. I’m not planning on changing that Sunday.

      I’ve completely lost interest in the sport – the BCS and the same teams making the Super Bowl every year haven’t helped that. Oh yeah and the fact that you have to sit through a 3-hour plus broadcast with commercials telling you over and over again you are worthless unless you drink a certain beer and drive a certain car for only 11 minutes of actual action (according to the Wall Street Journal).

      I will be rooting for the Packers because the fact that Green Bay still has an NFL team after all these years is a victory for small town America and a throwback to the days when places like Pottstown, Pa., and LaRue, Ohio, (where? exactly) hosted major professional sports teams.

  4. I’m rooting for the Eagles! What?! The Eagles aren’t in the Super Bowl? Well then I couldn’t care less who wins. Philly rules! GO FLYERS!!

    Side note: It should be a good game. I hope it’s close because I’m sure I’ll be watching. Blowouts are no fun to watch. I am also NOT watching for the commercials. I’d choose the game over the commercials no matter who was playing.

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