You might remember a post we had back in February entitled Love @ Lake Agape in which we talked about the long legacy of people meeting, falling in love and marrying at camp.

One of the recently engaged at camp couples we featured in that piece were Becky and Justin, who popped the question in summer 2009. This photo from their wedding reception represents just how strong their connection to camp is – that crowd representing all of the people Becky and Justin have known in one way or another because of camp.

Pretty amazing isn’t it?

I like what photographer Melissa Schmid had to say about the photo on her blog:

This first photo was mentioned about a week before the wedding that Becky and Justin wanted to do a group photo of their friends that were attending the wedding that they met at Delanco Christian Camp. When I asked how many people were in this shot they simply said “a lot”… Well, they weren’t kidding!

I wasn’t at this wedding but I’ve been at several weddings like this where the ties to camp are thick, each connection and each memory a testimony of lives transformed and relationships cemented by a little camp in the Pine Barrens where for generations God has moved His mighty hand.

Photo used with permission from Issy Schmid Imaging.

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