The Monday of the final week of Camp has come and gone. We’re slowly trekking our way to the end of Camp. Today, we took our camp and dorm photo and did our infamous swim test. (Hey, Michael Phelps had to start somewhere.)

During free time, campers went fishing, played Nukem, took boat rides, frog and turtle hunting, made T-Shirts and bags at the Craft Shop, and last, but not least, went swimming.

Julie spoke about why we need a savior in the first place and what it means to be truly saved.

Our night game will be a lost toy game. Camp Counselor, Jessy Clark, is going to dress up as a little kid, complete with footy pajamas, and have her toys stolen by some of her friends. It’ll be up to your kids to find Jessy’s toys and help her sleep well at night! OH NO!


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