10 thoughts on “Poll: Favorite T-shirt Idea

  1. these are very hard choices because I like all of them. Turtleguard is funny, but I voted for Ye Old Sweet Shoppe because it is funnier and plus I will be running it this summer =)-

  2. The Candy Man thinks the Candy Shop T-Shirt should be yellow, like the same yellow of the old time PS shirts.

  3. Hands down, belly flop champion. Anyone who doesn't vote for it obviously didn't see Dave Ralph's belly flops.

  4. for some reason it wouldn't let me vote, but I'm gonna have to go with Turtle on this one and say "ye Olde Sweet shoppe" it's been around long enough that everyone will understand it even those that have been away from the camp for a while. The Belly Flop and the Turtle one only make sense if you've been around during that time, Everyone young and old know the "Ye Olde Sweet Shop" and Turtle has a good point for the color, it would make sense for bright yellow since that was the color of the Sweet shop for the longest time.

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