Middler Camp 2010

Aug. 15-21

Middler Camp is for youth entering fifth through seventh grades in the fall. Are you ready to get LOST in the greatness of our Creator? Come and join us as we discover how to to have more of Christ and less of ourselves in our daily lives!

Deans: Becky Jones and Brandon Cobb
Theme: LOST (Philippians 3:8)

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Supersized Bathroom Signs

Last year at Camp Meeting, it was Superhero Bathroom signs to go along with the theme for the week. This year, my talented sister-in-law Faith made supersized bathroom signs for the dining hall to go with the Small Is The New Big theme.

Unlike my fellow blogger who seems to be confused by the theme for this week, it makes a lot of sense to me (maybe you have to be a Ralph to get it?). When you enlarge/supersize things around you it makes you seem smaller and thus part of the new thing, which this week is being small like David instead of big like Goliath.

As the speaker for the week, Chris Low, has pointed out, and the band Me In Motion reminded us at Bodinestock III, Jesus has a thing for losers; he’s all about the underdog and doesn’t really care too much for people looking down on others because they are small or young.

The Final Countdown

Okay, so this has absolutely nothing to do with the song but, in a little less than 15 hours, Camp Meeting 2010 will come to a close. But before we all get emotional and teary eyed here, let’s talk about something fun.

Keeping with the trend of the last few days, another tradition of Delanco Camp took place today. If you’re sitting in front of your computer yelling ‘Pretzel Roll!’, you’d be right. Today was pretzel roll day, an instant favorite of campers and staff and has been the cause of many aluminum foil fights. We didn’t have one today but, I remember some pretty epic ones, complete with tables flipped on their side, trash can lids used as shields and big balls of foil acting as grenades which all were probably started by Wally. So, Wally, thank you for making my (and hundreds others) Camp experience all the more memorable with your antics.

Tonight, Ron talked about following God’s Calling using Israel’s battle at Jericho as a basis for his sermon.

Good night and I’ll see you in the morning.