Few people get to view the summer camp season from the inside out the way our faithful permanent staff team members do. So to look back at the summer that was, I asked some questions of some of the folks that in the trenches so to speak. The first question:

In what way or ways did you see God move this summer in your life and the lives of others?

emtaylorEm Taylor
 People became stronger, including me, by understanding what Jesus was telling them. I saw what peoples’ calls were in life, by just simply listening to them, which helped me figure out my call.



brianamcculloughBriana McCullough
God taught me and moved me so much this summer! Although I didn’t have much time to read my Bible, I feel a lot closer to God after this summer. I got to experience firsthand how God can change people so fast and in a great amount. God also gave me opportunities to serve Him in ways I would not imagine.


kevinstrauchKevin Strauch
I am always blown away by the work that God does at camp. For me, there were a couple of fairly big things that I had to deal with in my own life. By God’s grace, He helped me overcome them. I also saw God at work in many other people at camp. It is very encouraging to see campers worshiping the same God. However, there always seems to be a camper that makes you say to yourself ‘there is no chance that God could work in their life’. Every time I say that, God shows me He is way more powerful than I think he is. Looking back at the summer, it is very encouraging to know that a lot of campers, and even staff members, encountered Christ at camp.

kaitlynfarrowKaitlyn Farrow
I’ve being going through some tough times at home and God definitely helped me get through that. And just the way camp got together this summer with a somewhat inexperienced staff was awesome.


kevinwolfKevin Wolf
It was really neat to see God work in some ways with the newer staff members and to see the servant’s hearts of the staff. Especially the younger members of the staff. While it was weird at first for me to view them as staff members and not campers, it was definitely a good thing. They all have a heart for the camp, for the campers and for permanent staff. It was neat to be an influence on the next generation of Permanent Staff.

richduganRich Dugan
This summer, God gave me some direction on what I should be doing after high school. I went into the summer being very confused on what He wanted me to do as far as college. But this summer He gave me insight on where he wanted me and is still guiding me with little steps on what should happen after I graduate after this year. As for the way God worked in other peoples’ lives, I can’t even explain how many times I saw kids younger then myself and my age give it up to Christ during worship, altar times and other times throughout the weeks.

Now, it’s your turn. In what ways did you see God move at camp this summer in your life and in the lives of others?

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