Few people get to view the summer camp season from the inside out the way our faithful permanent staff team members do. So to look back at the summer that was, I asked some questions of some of the folks that in the trenches so to speak. The second question:

In what way or ways would you say you were stretched this summer?

emtaylorEm Taylor

I was stretched to working as hard as I could, working with many different types of personallities, while making sure I was serving Jesus in a pleasent way — you know, being the salt and the light. It can be challenging, but it gets easier.

brianamcculloughBriana McCullough

I feel like I was stretched with getting along with the people I worked with and listening to each other, because we were a big family that lived together for a good nine weeks.

kevinstrauchKevin Strauch

Between working in the kitchen and participating in activities during free time, you can just get tired. It was during those times that I could not rely on my own strength to get me through the day. Also, working in the kitchen there are a few different bosses that you have to listen to so I really had to work with the attitude of being a servant and doing whatever had to be done without complaining.

kaitlynfarrowKaitlyn Farrow

I was stretched because it was my first job and with not ever really working before it’s hard jumping right into work that takes up all day. Also, because we work a lot of the day it’s hard to balance rest and time with God. But it’s doable, and in the end it’s tons of fun.

kevinwolfKevin Wolf

It was different being on the leadership side of the staff this summer. It wasn’t a bad thing though. I actually had to enforce rules, instead of break them. the next generation of Permanent Staff.

richduganRich Dugan

This summer i would say that i was streched in many ways, but the one main way would have to be dealing with the exaustion that the staff was hit with by about mid-summer. With all of the work and all of the fun that was going on all the time, it was real hard to get the sleep that was needed. God’s strength that was instilled in the staff is what got us through.

Now, it’s your turn those of you who were out at camp at all this summer. In what way or ways would you say you were stretched at camp this summer?

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