Few people get to view the summer camp season from the inside out the way our faithful permanent staff team members do. So to look back at the summer that was, I asked some questions of some of the folks that in the trenches so to speak. The third question:

What are some things about the summer you think you will remember for many years to come?

emtaylorEm Taylor

The inside jokes, the long hugs just because, the people that liked you for who you were, long talks, boat rides and praising with and really getting to know Tenth Avenue North.

brianamcculloughBriana McCullough

Well, there are many! There were many fun times just in our morning routines such as: Richie having the idea to just dump all of the recycling on the back of the truck and then having to hand-pick it all out, getting the mail in Pat’s jeep, and getting the truck stuck one too many times. There was also a lot of memory in our bonding-time: cashing our first paychecks all crammed into one car, spending the 4th of July in Ocean City together, swimming in the bay at Kate’s beach house, and getting lost going back to camp from Ocean City. I also made life-long friendships I will never forget.  But also some of the most important promises and commitments I made to God this summer!

kevinstrauchKevin Strauch

There are a few things I will remember for a long time. One thing is the relationships I made with my coworkers during the time I was there. When working so close together for a Godly purpose, you really bond with the people around you working to accomplish the same goal. A second thing is how God helped me move a couple of mountains in my life that were in the way of my spiritual journey. Those mountains had been in my life for a while and I couldn’t seem to get past them. Again, by God’s grace, He helped me move them out of my way. I can not forget that!!

kaitlynfarrowKaitlyn Farrow

Jumping off the bridge, Wildwood, singing in the kitchen!, 4th of july in ocean city, Rich and Blake’s sayings, Bri hitting the fence with Kevin’s car, packed Tenth Ave concert Mindy cutting herself, Jessy throwing a key at kevin’s face, bacon with every meal, the Kevin Special, and CHICKEN DINOS!

kevinwolfKevin Wolf

Richie and Blake had some phrases throughout the summer that tended to stick with the outside staff. Like, ‘Divin’ in the Boy’s Dorm’ or ‘Get!’ You’ll have to ask them what they mean though. I have no clue. But I’ll remember it. Oh yeah, and Jessy Clark hit me in the face with keys. I probably won’t forget that either. It’d be hard to.

richduganRich Dugan

Some things about this summer that I will hold with me for like would definately be the staff I worked with all summer and the in house missionaries that have become role models in my life as well as friends. I’ll also remember the fun games like the bull riding during Jr. High 1, late night eaters club which was a little staff food time late at night where we played cards and stuff, and the other little inside jokes that I had with the many people that were there at one point or another.

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