Few people get to view the summer camp season from the inside out the way our faithful permanent staff team members do. So to look back at the summer that was, I asked some questions of some of the folks that in the trenches so to speak. The fourth question:

Did you experience anything this summer you have never experienced before?

brianamcculloughBriana McCullough

This was my first job, so that can be one. Mucking a lake. Jumping off a bridge! Being able to go to a worship and serve EVERY DAY!!!



kevinstrauchKevin Strauch

There were a couple of times when I was completely honest with God. I told God how it was and didn’t leave anything back. It was amazing to see Him respond powerfully in those situations. I am not sure if I had ever been that completely honest with God, but it worked out well.


kaitlynfarrowKaitlyn Farrow

Jumping off the bridge was something I never thought I’d do, seeing how camp is run from the permanent staff POV and appreciating so much more what everyone does, and seeing so many kids come to know God is awesome.


kevinwolfKevin Wolf

Driving the camp truck was quite an experience. It was well documented how many trees I ran into with it. I believe the total was 8. Josiah hit 12 trees and did more damage to the truck so I don’t feel that bad. 🙂


richduganRich Dugan

My first time experience this summer would be the position i held being a summer staff member and being out there to see each camp and see the fun and spiritual effect that took place each day during the 8 weeks of camp.

6 thoughts on “A Look Back: PS ’09 recap 4

  1. Dude (aka K Wolf),
    I drove the camp truck for the first time this summer too. I’m happy to report too that I did not add any dents to the collection.

  2. I was talking to a camper this summer about them being in PS years down the road. I asked “Why do you want to be on PS?” He replied “Because I get to jump off things.”

    I say this only because a few of you mentioned jumping off the bridge. I remember the joys of bridge jumping while on staff. Now, I try and stay out of the lake as much as possible.

  3. I don’t mean to be a stuffed shirt, but why are staff members jumping off of the bridge or other things in front of campers? If the main reason why a camper wants to one day be on permanent staff is to jump off of stuff, then what is the message that is being communicated?

  4. I forgot to add boost!!! I know jumping off things is a perk, but i had campers tell me that they would want to be on staff, so they could be an example, and to pray with the camps!

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