Some folks took to calling it the party deck this summer, but now that the roof is on we can now formally call the new gazebo a gazebo again. Special thanks to the fine folks at Lord of Lords in Waretown for all of their hard work and prayerful dedication to this project. And thanks to Mindy for the photos.

8 thoughts on “Long live the new gazebo!

  1. So grateful for those who saw this project to completion. It looks amazing!

    However, I am willing to bet that even with a roof it will be called the “party deck” next summer!

  2. Awesome job guys! Hopefully this will inspire more churches to take on projects at camp and see them through to the end.

  3. Someone already suggested that it is now “the party deck with a roof.”

    Since I’m old school, I’m going to stick to calling it the gazebo.

  4. I will call it the gazebo like I did all summer. Great job my church LOLBCC. It looks awesome at night with the accent lighting

  5. How come the only time that people comment is when there is a post about the gazebo? Maybe we should find other creative ways to make posts about the gazebo. Perhaps it is was just the fact that the gazebo was torn down and 3 days later resurrected that makes it so popular.

  6. As head Webmaster and Techie for the critically acclaimed (I wish) “Where is Delanco” video, I vote for a “Your favorite Memories @ Delanco’s Gazebo” Video Contest on the Blog 😛

    I’d start with the time we tested the weight capacity of the new Party Deck with about 15-20 kids and staff members jumping and dancing on it at the same time…

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