By Sarah Herman

This year’s Jr. Camp kicked off old school, with a “Back to the Future” theme – the ’80s! With Rob Lewis as the dean, and an amazing staff, the week was totally rad (okay thats all the ’80s lingo I got in me).

The week consisted of some insane games, including: Pirates, Bible Smugglers, the ever famous Duck Duck Wham, a crazy scavenger hunt that consisted of many shake-and-bakes, and many more. The campers never ran out of things to do, whether it was swimming, going boating, fishing, playing nukem, making crafts, eating chipwiches, or just hanging out, there was certainly plenty to get involved in.

The speaker for the week was CJ Caufield, who first talked about your expectations for the week and how you would get from the week whatever you put into it. Next he spoke on preparing your heart for the things you would hear in the week. Then it was the story of the cross, and how Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, so we might live. He then spoke on being used by God and how we should be willing to say “Here I am Lord, send me.” And lastly, he shared how when we go home, we should tell others about what we learned at camp pertaining to Jesus.

On Tuesday night, the missionaries for the week spoke: Meg and Scott Rambo. They shared how they were called to missions and God’s leading in their lives, which now takes them to Uganda, Africa. They also talked about how we should be willing to give God all of us, not just part.

The week was truly a blessing to me as a counselor, and I know it impacted many campers lives. Whether they remember CJ’s messages, things they learned in their classes, or just playing the games like Bible Smugglers (by far the most intense game, just ask any of the campers) they will remember Jr Camp 1 for many years to come. I know I will. 

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