Our sixth question:

Who is John Wesley and why do so many people at Delanco like to talk about him?

kellyhKelly Hallahan, Middler Camp
“John Wesley is the founder of the Methodist church and major part of the Holiness movement. Calling people to lead holy lives is what Delanco is all about!”

jeffwJeff Wolheter, Junior High 2
“John Wesley is the founder of the Methodist Church. He changed the course of history for at least two countries (England and the U.S.) and probably the course of history for the world by his teaching on scripture and his understanding of discipleship. Hisnderstanding and teaching on holiness clarified for a lot of people what God meant when God said ‘e holy as I am holy.'”

rickycourtRicky Court, Teen 2
“John Wesley was a preacher who was frustrated with church and church people. He did something incredibly radical – he started introducing Jesus to those outside the church and shared Jesus with people who would never consider going to church. This is probably one of the reasons why people at Delanco talk about him so much. Another reason though may be his love for horses and his traveling by horseback. Back in the day, Delanco had horses and horse rides, back when fun took precedence over safety. John Wesley would have enjoyed those ½ hour horse rides.”

cj1CJ Caufield, Junior Camp
“John Wesley was an Anglican priest in the 18th century who saw the need for Christians to take the message of Biblical Holiness outside the walls of the churches of his day. His followers became known as “Methodists” because they were methodical in their meetings and approach to Christian community. Many people at camp like to talk about him because the Biblical message he preached – and encourages us to preach – is different than that of almost all other camps in New Jersey and certainly different than the other youth camps in the state.

jdJohn DiGiamberardino, Camp Meeting
“John Wesley was an Anglican Priest who sought to help people be discipled. He started the small class meetings to provide encouragement to believers. Elmer Towns says that no one has done more to influence the last 200 years for Christianity than John Wesley. His care for others especially the poor enabled what happened in France not to happen in England.”

mikeys1Mikey Stephens, Jr. High 1
“John Wesley played a big part spreading the Good News here in the United States. His ministry started in Savannah, Georgia. His views of grace have had a huge influence within the United Methodist Church.”

shanesmithShane Smith, Junior High 3
“John Wesley is one of the great men of faith who was alive in the 1700s. He preached a Holiness message and called people to a radical life of discipleship through his societies and clubs.”

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