Dear Friends,
We are quickly approaching the beginning of Camp Meeting and our summer season.  As we have prepared we have had stumbling blocks along the way.  At the moment, our biggest stumbling block is the lack of a “camp truck” to haul things, pick up trash, etc.  The vehicle we had last year has given us our money’s worth and could be potentially fixed, but we are running out of time.  If you have any leads on a truck that could be donated, sold at low cost or loaned for a time (remembering that it summers at camp are hard on trucks!)  please let us know as quickly as possible.  The truck needs to start and stop reliably… doesn’t have to look pretty, just be fully functional. 

We would also ask you to pray for God’s provision as we have faced some rather large plumbing bills as we’ve prepared for camp,  We had volunteers do as much as possible and for that we are thankful, but there were still some outstanding challenges that needed professionals to take over. 

We are anticipating such an amazing summer as Satan fights so hard to foil our preparations, but just as He has been through 111 previous summers, God is at work and doing great things at Delanco even before the campers arrive.  He is growing us and shaping us through participation in this ministry and He would like to be at work in you through Delanco too.  Remember Camp Meeting begins ths Sunday, June 28, at 7:30 p.m.  The evening service wll be followed by a reception for our new camp coordinator, CJ Caufield, and his wife, Carrie, who have arrived from Mississippi this afternoon.  It is an exciting moment as we look forward to what God will do as the coordinator takes his place in the life of the camp. We hope you all can be a part of this!

Serving Jesus at Delanco,
Laurie Rambo

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