Our fifth question:

What is your favorite Bible character and why?

kellyhKelly Hallahan, Middler Camp
“I’ve liked Barnabas since high school. His name means ‘Son of Encouragement’ and I identify with being an encourager!”


jeffwJeff Wolheter, Junior High 2
“I would say Jesus, but he is probably all our favorites, so I will say Noah. Here was a guy God told to do something that seemed ridiculous and impossible. Yet he still trusted God and obeyed Him, even though people surely made fun of him and it took him a long time to do it, like a hundred years. Yet despite all those things he obeyed and God protected Him and his family from destruction. If we trust and obey, even if we don’t understand why God is asking us to do whatever it may be, even if we get made fun of, and even if it takes a long time, God will save us from destruction, eternally destruction.”

rickycourtRicky Court, Teen 2
“Hmm, this past year – Benaiah. With the odds stacked against him he killed warriors and lions. He was a mighty man, general, and assassin. You can read about him in 2 Samuel 23 and then he’s mentioned throughout Israel’s history.”

cj1CJ Caufield, Junior Camp
“Hard to say.”



jdJohn DiGiamberardino, Camp Meeting
“Do not have a favorite.”



mikeys1Mikey Stephens, Jr. High 1
“I really like the Bible characters that God calls into actions, but the first response from those characters is ‘I can’t and you need to pick someone else.’ However God always has a comeback and it’s usually by saying ‘I can work through so don’t worry.’ What awesome God we have.”

shanesmithShane Smith, Junior High 3
“Besides the obvious – Jesus…I love Paul because of his ‘boldness’ in preaching the gospel.”

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