Kim Mulford of the Courier-Post had a great article/interview in Sunday’s paper about Tenth Avenue North’s local connection (Drummer Jason Jamison is from Salem County) and their ministry at Delanco Camp.

Here’s a snippet:

Q: You’re spending a whole week at Delanco Camp?

A: It’s actually one of the longer camps that we do. Delanco’s cool. We play the worship but then we help with small groups. We get together with them and there’s a couple times they’ve had us come up and speak in morning chapel. We’re there for whatever they need. They’ve had us run games, all different kinds of stuff. That’s what makes it fun. We don’t want them looking up at us like we’re the “almighty band.” We’re here to serve. We like being used that way.

Tenth Avenue North will be giving a concert at Sunday night at 7:30 as a kick-off to the week of Jr. High III. Don’t miss it.

To read the full article, click here.

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