Name: Leah Palamaro
Nickname:  ps 06 would say “comet” but Leah is my name of preference.
Years on permanent staff: this will be my 3rd
Years attending Delanco Camp:  uh…10 i think??
Age: 20
Hometown: Northfield, NJ
High school/college/graduate school/seminary: Messiah College
Home church: Central UMC- Linwood, NJ
Favorite foods: french toast and anything Italian. Oh and ben and jerrys ice cream.
Favorite music:  very varied. i’ve liked everything at some point. As far as bands go, I’m loyal to Emery and I’m a sucker for tenth avenue north
Favorite movies: hm…I could probably watch Gladiator for the rest of my life. I’m also partial to a chick flick every once in awhile.
Favorite sports teams: I pretty much stick to Philadelphia.
Favorite Delanco Camp memory: there’s too many to pick just one but being a horse wrangler brought along with it tons of good memories.
Bible verse you think speaks most to where you are right now: “Seek peace, and pursue it.” Psalm 34: 14
Do you have a hidden talent? Not that I know of.
When did you become a Christian? Around 8th grade. There were several times of commitment throughout middle school and high school, many of which were made at Delanco.
What made you want to work at camp this summer? There’s no place I’d rather spend my summer than at camp. At this point in my life, God has called me to this place to fulfill my ministry. Delanco is my second home and I love the people that come through during the summer.
What are you looking forward to most this summer? Taking more of a leadership role as assistant cook. Working with new staff members in addition to old friends from last year. Seeing my campers from past years and as always, to witness the work God is doing in the campers lives and the staff as a whole.
Name something unique about you that didn’t come up in your permanent staff
For the past four months I have lived in Orvieto, Italy. I’ve explored what seems to be every corner of this country while studying with Messiah College through a program at Gordon College in Boston, Mass. The beauty of God’s creation and what He has taught me within these past four months has been one of the greatest blessings I have and probably will ever receive.

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  1. yes leah, PS ’06 would call you comet! would you care to tell the story behind that? haha. j/k

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