Junior Camp Begins

This is possibly one of my favorite camps. The kids are so carefree, easygoing and they enjoy the little moments that make this Camp fun. Plus, the food is pretty good too. But, I also have a kitchen staff member and the head cook sitting to my right and left respectively. So, yeah, may be a little forced today.

A few campers took the opportunity to go fishing. In fact, what may go down into the Delanco Camp History books, within fifteen minutes of the registration line closing, someone caught Wompus. Impressive. Impressive indeed.

In his sermon tonight, Rob Lewis, our evangelist, spoke about Jesus and how He loved everybody, from older people to babies. He spoke about how Lucy, in the Chronicles of Narnia, backed into something spectacular, Narnia, just like we should find our way to Jesus. Each night, Rob is going to give us a service word. Tonight’s word, it’s really a phrase but, we’ll accept it. The word (phrase) is ‘Welcome, come right in!’. He challenged us to be welcoming and accepting to all.

Tonight, we had a grease night for snack, including mozzarella sticks, chicken dinos and pizza balls and played some ‘Get to know you’, mingle games.

We’re looking forward to a great week, so if you have a child here, thanks for allowing them to come and stay with us for more updates.
Quote of the Day: ‘And then Wompus came out of the trash can and ate him!’ Haha, I love Junior Camp…


Teen 1 Begins

Tonight starts the beginning of Teen 1 and it’s a week I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. John Digiamberdino, I think that’s how it’s spelled (Ed. note – It’s DiGiamberardino), is our dean for the week and he easily leads on of the more entertaining weeks of the summer. He doesn’t do it with purchasing a lot of fancy things for his camp. He does it with good old fashioned people, which is why I think I’ve enjoyed his camps so much. People come out here and have a willingness to invest in each others’ lives and John has a willingness to shake it up.

For example, instead of a traditional service tonight, we’re having a concert led by the band Ashlyn, which has agreed to come here tonight to play for us. Sometimes, it’s just the little things that make Delanco Camp so fun and tonight, tomorrow and the rest of this week, are definitely something to look forward to.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we’ll have try to have some sermons posted up here ASAP from our evangelist, Ricky Court, who relived the story from when he found out that Mark Buzby and I are related.

If you dropped off your child here, we’re more than excited to have them up here this week! If you didn’t, feel free to come up and visit for our 7:30 p.m. evening worship services at some point during the week!


Rolling Blackouts, Baseball Trades and the End

Last night, we experienced a rolling blackout at about midnight. I’m guessing due to the heat the generators have been quitting and dropping power everywhere. About 1,000 homes lost power in Tabernacle alone. I realized something when the lights went out. Camp is a very big place when you can’t see anything. Haha.

Now for the baseball trade part of this blog. I grew up a Phillies fan. I’m pretty diehard about it. My second favorite team is…whoever is playing the Yankees. Don’t like them, wouldn’t like them if they were the last team on the planet. (Mets are right up there too) So, when Cliff Lee turned his back on them and went to the Rangers, it made my day and he is now one of my heroes. So, Cliff Lee, if you’re reading this blog, thank you very much.

But, what we’re really here to talk about is the day at camp. It was a pretty relaxed day. For planned recreation, we played a game new to Delanco. It’s so new I don’t think it even has a name. The idea was to stand back to back with someone with a noodle in hand, turn around as quick as possible and try to hit him or her with it below the knee. It was a tournament style match with 12 participants.

James, in his final message, challenged us to start taking the Bible seriously, challenged us to continue the mission work outside of Delanco Camp, to take it to our school, to take it to our workplace, to take it to the streets, not only in foreign countries but, where we are at every day. Finally, he challenged us to take a stand for Christ and not to hold it in.

Your sons and daughters have been a blast this week. Thanks for letting them join us for this week. Good night and we’ll see you tomorrow!