It was truly a David vs Goliath affair, ironically with the DWIs having all the 'Goliaths'

Every Wednesday, deans like to break up the monotony of the everyday schedule and become creative with their Wednesday schedules. Usually it starts with an extra half hour of sleeping in, then breakfast, morning chapel and finally a morning full of games and activities.

Today, we had two teams square off in the Delanco Camp Open Invitational World Cup Classic, the DWI: David’s Wandering Israelites and the Iron Weasels of Norway.

First, on the soccer field, we played a game of soccer with an oversized ball. The DWI took an early advantage with a quick goal by Kevin Strauch, our assistant cook for the summer. But, the ferocity of the Iron Weasels kept them in the game when the speedy feet of Geraldo Colon tied the game up. When all was said and done, the DWI took the win and the 1-0 lead before heading to our second event.

This game’s a little complex. Teams were divided into two, five were sent to the dock and five stayed on the beach. Those on the beach had to swim to the dock, tag a teammate’s hand, then they had to swim in, spin around 10 times, then throw a frisbee near a bucket that had to be knocked in by an opponent. First team to complete this with all ten players earned the point.

Let’s just say, many people struggled with the spinning ten times and a few people wiped out on their way to the frisbee toss but, after a close match, the Iron Weasels pulled out the victory and earned the sudden death, winner take all, ever crucial third match: a boat tug of war under the bridge.

The Iron Weasels banded together for one more victory as they pulled out the final point and the 2-1 overall win. In an impressive feat, two of the smaller Iron Weasels beat two of the larger members of the Wandering Israelites. I mean, they demolished them, it wasn’t even close. I was impressed.

After all was said done and the Iron Weasels celebrated their victory, everyone enjoyed a nice pizza lunch (more Kitchen Creativity and good work Kstrauch) and a slip n’ slide into the lake.

Tonight, we had a concert by our band of the week, The Remnant. Now, onwards to the snack, a fifty foot gutter filled with ice cream (don’t tell the campers…they don’t know yet!) and a night game, not sure what that is yet. It’s a secret to everyone…except those in the game.


2 thoughts on “World Cup Wednesday

  1. What a great evening! So much energy from Remnant and then the 'Gutter 'experience!!!! I'm surprised everyone didn't melt in the extreme heat of the day!
    Thanks from Julia's Mom.

  2. Gee Kevin – expected an 'honorable mention' at the very least for drinving your suit ALL THE WAY UP THERE for Becky's wedding! Love you anyway, Mom 🙂

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