Junior High III 2010

Aug. 8-14

Junior High III is for youth entering sixth through ninth grades in the fall. During the week-long overnight camp, youth experience exciting night games, energetic worship led by Dove award winning recording artists Tenth Avenue North, crafts, swimming, age appropriate Bible teaching and a variety of fun during free time and in the dorm with new friends.

Deans: Mike Bill and Tricia Hatten-Jamison
Theme: LOST

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Supersized Bathroom Signs

Last year at Camp Meeting, it was Superhero Bathroom signs to go along with the theme for the week. This year, my talented sister-in-law Faith made supersized bathroom signs for the dining hall to go with the Small Is The New Big theme.

Unlike my fellow blogger who seems to be confused by the theme for this week, it makes a lot of sense to me (maybe you have to be a Ralph to get it?). When you enlarge/supersize things around you it makes you seem smaller and thus part of the new thing, which this week is being small like David instead of big like Goliath.

As the speaker for the week, Chris Low, has pointed out, and the band Me In Motion reminded us at Bodinestock III, Jesus has a thing for losers; he’s all about the underdog and doesn’t really care too much for people looking down on others because they are small or young.

World Cup Wednesday

It was truly a David vs Goliath affair, ironically with the DWIs having all the 'Goliaths'

Every Wednesday, deans like to break up the monotony of the everyday schedule and become creative with their Wednesday schedules. Usually it starts with an extra half hour of sleeping in, then breakfast, morning chapel and finally a morning full of games and activities.

Today, we had two teams square off in the Delanco Camp Open Invitational World Cup Classic, the DWI: David’s Wandering Israelites and the Iron Weasels of Norway.

First, on the soccer field, we played a game of soccer with an oversized ball. The DWI took an early advantage with a quick goal by Kevin Strauch, our assistant cook for the summer. But, the ferocity of the Iron Weasels kept them in the game when the speedy feet of Geraldo Colon tied the game up. When all was said and done, the DWI took the win and the 1-0 lead before heading to our second event.

This game’s a little complex. Teams were divided into two, five were sent to the dock and five stayed on the beach. Those on the beach had to swim to the dock, tag a teammate’s hand, then they had to swim in, spin around 10 times, then throw a frisbee near a bucket that had to be knocked in by an opponent. First team to complete this with all ten players earned the point.

Let’s just say, many people struggled with the spinning ten times and a few people wiped out on their way to the frisbee toss but, after a close match, the Iron Weasels pulled out the victory and earned the sudden death, winner take all, ever crucial third match: a boat tug of war under the bridge.
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