A lot of things have changed in the 122 years that have passed since the Rev. George Ridout and a group of men from Delanco Methodist Church got together to talk Charles E. Fletcher to sell Fletcher’s Grove, a 20-acre wooded parcel on Burlington Avenue for $4,000 so they could establish Fletcher’s Grove Camp Meeting on the property.

The name of the camp, the location of it and even the name of the church Ridout pastored have all changed but one constant has been the message being preached and the souls that have been impacted for generations because of that life-changing message. World wars, recessions, pandemics and more have not stopped the work of the ministry that was started in Delanco all those years ago.

This week we hope to celebrate that history and to look back at the great things God has done in the lives of so many people who have come into contact with this ministry.

We’d love to hear from you this week about how the camp has impacted your life, the memories you have and any photos or other items you can share about this history. Contact us through our social media channels or send an email to info@delanco.org.

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