donkey kong

It’s only been twenty four hours, but so far, Jr. High 1 is shaping up to be an incredible week!

This year, our theme is “Press Start”, and from the moment you step into the Tabernacle, you feel as if you’re inside your own little arcade game. In case you haven’t guessed, we’re focusing on classic video games! From night games to planned recs, and even class names, everything’s themed around classic games like Mario Cart, Donkey Kong, and many others. There’s even a real life version of Pokémon Go happening all over the grounds this week. The campers are running around looking for index cards with Pokémon, and once they catch them, they can ‘challenge’ other campers at the Dining Hall during meals to take over the Gym. Pretty cool, right?

Despite some hot and stormy weather, the grounds was bustling with activity today! From Ultimate Frisbee in the lake, to rounds and rounds (and rounds) of Gaga Ball, to catching Pokémon, we sure had a wonderful first day to start off camp!

In video games, before you can actually begin playing, you’ve got to press start to move forward. Last night, Dan Ulrich, who is one of our co-Deans and evangelist this week, reminded the campers that life is sort of like a video game. In order for us to work and play, we’ve got to press start, too. God’s going to work and move in the lives of campers this week, but only if they’re willing to Press Start and let Him work. You know what happens when we let God work inside of our lives? Philippians 3:16 states, “For I am confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will continue to perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” God doesn’t stop moving, working, and living in us. Sometimes, we lose the game. We get broken down and lose lives, and sometimes, we don’t win the game. But you know what? God’s always there, waiting with another round, waiting for you to press that button.
If we are ready for God to move, He will. Sometimes, we’ve just got to remember to Press Start!