Editor’s Note: Today is day 43 of our 50-day countdown to Camp Meeting and our celebration of 50 Years at Lake Agape. If you’d like to contribute to this series with photographs, stories, testimonies or other post ideas, email blog@delanco.org. 

I’ve had many first-time events and experiences at Delanco Camp …

It was at Delanco I had my first overnight without my family.
My first woods game was at Delanco.
I kissed my first girl at Delanco.
I snuck out of the dorm for the first time at Delanco.
I initiate my first prank at Delanco. And have lost count since then.
I stole my first car at Delanco. We pushed it into the tabernacle. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
I broke into the camp store for the first time as a camper.

I have to confess that many of the rules at Delanco are in place because they weren’t in place when I went to camp as a camper. For some reason, even with all of those “camper firsts,” the leadership at Delanco thought it was a good idea to have me on staff.

I’ve had even more first time experiences while on staff …

I fixed my first toilet at Delanco.
I drove my first truck at Delanco.
I taught a class of students for the first time at Delanco.
I preached one of my first sermons at Delanco. It was un-remarkable.

Delanco has also been the venue for three of the most significant moments in my life.

At Delanco I experienced for the first time the unconditional and overwhelming love of Christ. I can show you the exact spot at the tabernacle altar where I knelt and prayed.

It was at Delanco where I first felt God leading me toward ministry. I didn’t want to be a pastor because they sang in choirs, wore robes, and hung out with old people. God began to unveil his unique plan for my life that has not involved singing in choirs, or wearing robes, or hanging out with old people.

It was at Delanco where I first met Kelly Ferguson. And years later she agreed to be Kelly Court.

Today, I still frequent the Delanco tabernacle – not just during the summer. I go to the same place at the tabernacle altar to pray. Every ministry vocation decision, every significant family event, every opportunity was either initiated, prayed over, or gratitude extended at the altar at Delanco.

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