Today is Day 44 of our countdown to the start of Camp Meeting and our celebration of 50 Years at Lake Agape. If you’d like to contribute to this series, please email blog@delanco.org.

I didn’t realize just how important the old gazebo was at camp until it was torn down in 2009. Maybe it’s the absence of something making the heart grow fonder, but seeing the empty space where the gazebo once stood was hard to handle.

The gazebo that’s nearby now is much bigger and nicer, but the old gazebo had the kind of charm and history that takes me back to many a prayer group, class and staff meeting I attended there. I was never one to fish or try to catch turtles, but I used to love hanging out there during free time watching the other kids fish or swing on the rafters.

The above photo of a summer staff from when I believe I was still a camper captures so much of what made that place special. It was a gathering spot by Lake Agape where prayers were prayed, friendships blossomed, God’s word was taught and so much more.

What memories do you have of the old gazebo? Share them in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “50 Years at Lake Agape: The Gazebo

  1. I remember classes here and staff hiding in the rafters during night games. Oh and the carpenter bees, lots of carpenter bees.

  2. My first year on staff at delanco, helping with second night game – assigned to be a spoiler with Bill Richie at the gazebo. We climbed up in the rafters over and over again to jump down and scare campers. It was so much fun. Great memories!!!!

  3. I remember hanging from the rafters to play “American Gladiators”

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