After spending weeks praying and anticipating Junior High 1, the day finally came. I had my Bible, notebook, pens, whistle, and other essential needs for a week of camp; however, I had no idea what to expect. The staff had been praying and believing God was going to powerfully move in the lives of everyone attending camp and to say the least, our prayers were definitely answered. As we arrived on the grounds, finished decorating and settling in for the week, campers began flooding the scene. It did not take long for the staff, including myself, to see God was already planning big things for the week.

During the first service, the kids were encouraged to worship God freely because this was a judgment-free zone. They were encouraged to listen to God speak to their hearts and respond accordingly. Being a counselor, I had the honor and privilege of watching an up close transformation in the campers’ lives. After each service, there was a chance to go to the alter and do business with God; whether that meant becoming a follower of Christ, having a heart to heart with God, or just to pray about various life situations, the kids were always responding. Throughout the week, God continued to whisper to the hearts of the campers and souls were being saved.

One of the most encouraging and humbling things to watch was when the campers would go and pray for each other. Many nights, if not every night, several of the kids would go to the alter and pray with their friends. As I sat and watched their love for one another grow, I saw the work of Christ transforming their lives in very tangible ways. Their Christ-like attitudes not only shined through services, but in the games, at mealtime, and in prayer groups. During several meals, the campers were volunteering to clear the table and clean up the mess. In the games, whether their team was winning or losing, the words flowing from their mouths were uplifting and encouraging.

Words cannot express how much this short week has affected my life. I saw kids were coming to Christ and dedicating their lives to serve Him and young campers displaying humility and laying aside fear of man to serve Christ. From the moment I stepped foot at Delanco Camp, to the moment I left, God never stopped working.

There were so many memories made this past week: swamp stomping, games, Hollywood Squares, shake and bakes, worshipping together, growing closer to God, souls being saved, and much more. But more than the games and fun, I will never forget how powerfully God worked all week. As I said before, being a counselor, I got to watch up close transformations and this experience will be one I cherish forever. I came to camp as a counselor, but I left camp feeling counseled and encouraged by each and every camper and staff.

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