First day is in full swing and we’re not slacking on anything. This morning we played an interesting game where the head of our worship team, Jeremy, improved a song asking who was in the box. Then Marquis and Frankie carried a large box out of the back room of the tabernacle and campers had to guess who was in it. It could’ve been a camper or staff and the kids were given very few clues about who it was and eventually out popped a camper.

After our morning worship fun and games we heard about a mission near and dear to the heart of Sarah Foster, a Sharpton church member. She told us about Operation Christmas Child and how a simple shoe box could change the lives of kids. Rather than having one missionary and one mission for the week there is going to be a different mission every morning talking about something to do with boxes. Sarah told us about how they fill the boxes with different things they feel the kids need or would like and send them off. Every box is opened before shipping to make sure what is in the box is appropriate, but for every kid that receives a box everything is a surprise.

She shared with a story about a small boy who asked his mother for a black t-shirt and hat for Christmas but the mother had to tell her son that she couldn’t afford those items and to pray about it. This little boy prayed and when his shoe box arrived inside was a black t-shirt and hat. She gave us a great message about praying for our boxes, we don’t know where our boxes are going or who they’re going to touch, we don’t know who’s box is going to be brought into our lives either and how they can impact us.

This is more than a physical box though. We’re not only talking about a green and red shoe boxes filled with toys and presents, we’re talking about our lives and souls filled with love and the Holy Spirit. God has given us the best boxes of all and it’s up to us to share them. We can touch others with more than physical gifts and we’re all brought into someone’s life for a reason. There is plan for what each of us is doing and where each of us is going. If you’ve never heard of operation Christmas child I definitely encourage you to check it out, it’s an awesome mission that you can do either as a church, as a family, or even just an individual. We can all impact someone in some way even if we think it’s just something significant. Pray for your boxes, pray for guidance with your boxes, and never be afraid to open your box and show others the love and grace you’ve been given.

2 thoughts on “Who’s in the Box?

  1. hi mary hope your having fun always give god the glory there is power in the name of jesus.

  2. What a beautiful way to start camp, by thinking about the less fortunate, just like last year with the making of 10,000 meals. We will certainly participate in this gift-giving program this year, and encourage those in our karate school to do the same!

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